Prestige Driving School, located in West Michigan, is the place to begin one of the most important journeys on which you will ever embark: learning to drive.
Prestige Driving School understands the importance of having highly qualified instructors working with students.  We employ top notch methods of instruction in both the classroom and the car to foster a sense of confidence for the individuals receiving training.
Instructors are chosen first and foremost based upon character, personality, and the ability to work with teens.  Secondly, we value previous education and experiences.  Instructors with a background in education are well-grounded in the delivery of material, holding students’ interest, and handling classroom management.  Individuals with previous work experience in law enforcement are able to give great insight into a variety of topics due to experiences they may have had over the years.
​Prestige Driving School is committed to preparing students to confidently and safely operate a motor vehicle.  The hours spent behind the wheel, through observation, and in the classroom, provide the necessary training to ensure that students walk away from class with the ability to apply their understanding of the laws of driving to real world experience.  While learning how to drive can be an intimidating venture, it is our top priority to provide instruction in a supportive and encouraging manner.

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